The PlayStation Phone and the PSP2 – Have They Ever Been Seen Together?

Posted on Jan 12 2011 - 9:26pm by Matt Jackson

We have recently posted some news about the so called PlayStation Phone, which is also known as the Sony Zeus Z1. This has been followed up by some videos and then details of a few photos which have been revealed of this keenly awaited gaming device. 

The fact that Sony hasn’t made any official announcement about it yet hasn’t stopped rumour after rumour sweeping the web, and the question is working out which ones to believe and which to disregard for the moment.

At this time, the most believable sounding piece of “information” which we have seen online is from a couple of Chinese tech sites who have mentioned the 27th of January as the expected launch date of a new Sony device at a press conference in Tokyo.

The waters have been muddied a little by the growing expectation that the PSP2 will be launched at this same get together, leading some people to come up with the assumption that the PlayStation Phone and the PSP2 are actually one and the same thing. While photos and videos of the PlayStation Phone have been seen recently there has been no reliable sighting of the PSP2, so it could actually be the case they are the same device which the various rumour mills have simply been calling by different names up until now.

Sony may be pulling an Apple, they might have two devices. One full fat phone/PSP combo and one that is just a PSP 2 – kind of a iPhone/iPod kind of set up. For firm details on these rumours we will have to wait and see.

Sony President Kaz Hirai stated that the firm’s new handheld device could come with a touchpad built into it, saying that there are games which “you can play perfectly well with a touch panel” although he also stated that there are others which are “better with psychical buttons and pads” and that there may be some games which can use both of these input methods at the same time.

Will everything be cleared up in Tokyo on the 27th of January?

Source: IT Pro Portal

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