The Pointless But Fairly Cool Internet Fridge

Posted on May 19 2009 - 3:13am by Richard Sharp

The Internet FridgeVirtually everything is Internet enabled today, even the ultimate fridge for the ultimate tech home. It’s simply not possible to find any item in the home (apart from maybe the toilet roll holder or the tap (see next post)) that is probably less likely to offer some of the very latest gadgets and tech but that’s a major part of the appeal of the Internet fridge – you don’t actually NEED to be able to look at the weather or listen to the news headlines from your fridge but by God you’ll love telling everybody how you can.

A built in 56k modem, a TV tuner and 15 inch LCD monitor on the door, FM radio, and even a digital camera are all packed into this titanium styled fridge. It even has a built in mp3 player so while you sleep you can download music and while you make breakfast you can listen to your downloaded tacks and really enjoy the benefit of an Internet connected fridge (we know you could use your mp3 or your PC or your PMP but why bother when you can use the fridge?)

OK, so we don’t really see the use of this particularly but then maybe we’re just not fridge people, or indeed kitchen people for that matter. The price tag of considerably more than £1,000 means that it’s unlikely we’ll be buying it simply for bragging rights any time soon and most of the functions can be done better, cleaner, smoother, quicker, and more portably from other devices that the vast majority of us own anyway.

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