The PS2 Reaches the End of the Road in Japan

Posted on Jan 11 2013 - 10:37pm by Robert

The end of an era always brings a tear to the eye and it is the turn of the PlayStation 2 to make us turn a little misty eyed now.

It seems that Sony has now completely ended the production in Japan of this top-selling gaming console. It isn’t clear when production will stop for other markets across the globe but the fear is that this will happen very soon.

Over 150 PS2 machines have been purchased by gamers over the world since they first came out. To remember the history of this games console properly we need to go back to the year 2000. It was in March after the new millennium started that Sony starting making these devices and it was an instant success.

In fact, even after the PlayStation 3 appeared on the scene this second generation of machines kept on outselling the newer version for over 3 years.

New Games Still Expected

ps2Despite the end of this machine we can still expect new games to appear in the future. One such game is the one called Seekers of Adoulin, which is part of the Final Fantasy series of games. This effort is due out early in 2013. It has been suggested that during the 12 years of the PS2 over 11,000 games have been released for it.

Of course, we need to look forward now and the rumour is that the PS2 production has stopped because the new PlayStation 4 is on its way. An announcement for sometime this year has been rumoured but Sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

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