The PureCart Trolley Cleaning System

Posted on Sep 16 2008 - 3:55am by Richard Sharp

PureCartWhether you suffer from OCD, are the kind of snob that won’t walk too close to other people, or you just don’t fancy running the risk of catching any old disease there’s great news on the horizon. We once again find ourselves looking into the tomes of content we’ve given over to shopping trolleys in recent years by bringing you news of the PureCart shopping cart that eliminates any germs found on the shopping trolley in question.

The PureCart, in actual fact, isn’t a shopping cart but is more of a sort of drive thru cart wash. Shove the cart through the PureCart system and it will spray it with disinfectants and antibacterial to minimise and eliminate the possibility of catching some hideous cold or the Peruvian Bovine flu (it’s a particularly nasty one… probably).

Happily, the PureCart system can also be expanded through the addition of a nozzle, no less. This allows the cleaning of baby seats, wheelchairs, and other items. No price details as yet, but we’re guessing you’re probably not that obsessed that you need one for those drunken nights when you go Sainsbury shopping cart drag racing (I think there’s an official circuit outside my house).

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