The RoboStool Party Stalker

Posted on Aug 9 2008 - 3:00am by Richard Sharp

RoboStoolThe RoboStool must be one of the best party gadgets of all time. The leather style stool will gently meander around a room looking for the perfect individual to seat. We presume it does it gently anyway, although there’s no doubt some way to mod it in order that it “hilariously” moves out of the way whenever somebody attempts to sit on it.

There are three settings – the remote control, a waypoint settings (you can set the stool to patrol a specific area if you wish), and the free roam setting. It’s this free roam setting that’s particularly impressive using thermal sensors to seek out hot spots and then offer one of those hotspots somewhere to sit down.

When in stalking mode, the RoboStool will rear its laser guided head from the top of its construction. The sensor that forms part of the stool’s head will then help it detect any objects that might be in its path. The head also intelligently prevents the stool from shorting when it has an option of two bums to pick (not literally) and has the three rules of robotics hardwired in too, for good measure.

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