The Robots Are Taking Over The World – 80,000 Android Apps Now Available

Posted on Sep 10 2010 - 9:34am by Matt Jackson

Apple had a masive head-start on its competitors, as it often does, when releasing the iPhone and starting to amass apps in the Apple app marketplace. However, that’s not deterred Google as they are now able to boast an impressive 80,000 apps collected in their own marketplace. While this doesn’t quite match up to Apple’s 250,000 yet, the open source framework that is offered by Android means that it is likely to soon catch up and overtake the current leader.

While the two marketplaces are similar in what they offer, there are also some inherent differences.

Apple is quite robust in its bid to police the marketplace. As such, it tends to mean that if there’s a very similar app already on their digital shelves then a newer equivalent may not be allowed through the doors. In contrast, Android is pretty much as open as you can get which means that there’s a lot of apps that are strikingly similar to one another.

There’s also a matter of quality control. While detractors dislike Apple for it, they don’t let just anybody in and this means that the overall quality of Apple apps does tend to be a little better than Android, who will let just about anything into their corner of the smartphone world.

Now releasing around 10,000 apps a day into the wild, Android has picked up some serious pace at least in terms of quantity and as developers get to grips with the framework the quality of some of the more recent apps has also improved.

Competition is rarely a bad thing so the gains that Android is making could well point to even bigger and better things from Apple in the coming months too – especially if Nokia manages to gain some market share.

Which apps offer better quality?

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