The Robots Really Are Taking Over The World – Android To Become Most Popular By 2014

Posted on Sep 14 2010 - 8:08am by Matt Jackson

Gartner research firm has said that the Google Android smartphone operating system will surpass all others and become the most popualr by the year 2014 and that it will be the 2nd most popular, behind only Nokia’s own by the end of this year.

Anybody that has followed mobile phones and smartphones will have found it difficult to ignore the increased popularity of the Android operating system. It has gained popularity in leaps and bounds buoyed by the release of a number of high profile phones and research company Gartner believes that the introduction of a range of budget Android phones within the coming months and years will help ensure its success.

At the end of last year, the open source framework had approximately 4% market share and that by the end of this year it will have nearly 18%.

The online research and analysis company has even provided what they believe to be an accurate approximation of where each of the mobile companies will be in 4 years time. Nokia and Google will have the most with around 30% market share each and Android pipping the Finnish manufacturers to the post. Apple will be third with around 15% market share and RIM, who manufacture the Blackberry will come in 4th with about 12%.

Gartner believes that this success will largely stem from the mass of budget phones that are being created using the Android system. LG, Motorola, and Samsung are all lining up such handsets and this will apparently give the operating system everything it needs to take the crown away from Nokia – the big question is whether Apple will release a greater range of phones using their own proprietary software because if they do then this may well see them with more customers of their own.

Which operating system does your phone rock?

Can you see Google taking over the mobile phone market?

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