The Roost Battery Connects Your Smoke Alarm to the Internet

Posted on Nov 13 2015 - 11:45am by Robert

Keeping your home and your family safe from harm is one of the most important tasks you will ever face. The good news is that an increasing number of gadgets make this easier than ever before.

One more example of this trend is called the Roost. This is a 9 volt battery that you can hook up to your smoke alarm to make it easier to monitor. It costs $35 (£23) and be easily installed in just about any type of smoke alarm that uses a 9 volt battery.

The basic idea is that you use it along with a mobile app. In this way, you get sent notifications when the alarm is triggered or when the battery is running low. There are other ideas like this available but the Roost model is the first one to come in at such a low price.

A Simple App


The app that it works with is simple, with only a limited number of options on it. Among these, you can set it to snooze if the alarm goes off due to something like a burnt Sunday lunch that you now have under control. You can also give all of the alarms in your home a defined location and keep an eye on them in the dashboard.

Another option that could come in handy is that of setting up neighbours or anyone else as monitors on the system. This means that they can keep an eye on the place while you are away.

Does this sound like the kind of household gadget you would like to use to keep your home safe?


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