The Samsung Monitor That Charges Your Devices

Posted on Jul 29 2015 - 11:21pm by Robert

The latest advance that is expected to make it easier to keep your mobile phone topped up comes from Samsung. It is a brand new monitor that they have just revealed and that allows users to charge their mobile devices using it.

The monitor in question goes by the name of SE370 and it is a full G model which comes in 23.6 and 27 inch versions. It can be use to charge any device that use the Qi wireless charging method, regardless of whether it is a Samsung gadget or not.

Less Flickering Promised


While it is the wireless charging feature that grabbed the headlines so far, the Samsung SE370 has some other features that make it worth having a look at. For example, it uses the AMD FreeSync gaming technology to reduce screen flickering while you are playing games.

It also comes with general anti flicker technology that will make your favourite shows and films easier on the eye. There is also an eye saver mode included.

The video brought out by Samsung to introduce and promote the new T model shows a white monitor with the wireless charging unit sitting near the base of the unit.

We will need to wait a bit longer to find out the release date and recommended retail price for this new model. It is believed that more concrete details will be revealed at the IFA 2015 event that is coming up in September.

Does this sound like a useful gadget to you?

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