The Samsung Note 7 is History

Posted on Oct 18 2016 - 4:45pm by Robert

The on-going debacle with exploding phones has caused Samsung to reveal that their popular Note 7 model is now going to be discontinued forever. This news came after it was discovered that all of these phones could be potential risks in terms of exploding.

Existing Samsung Note 7 owners have been advised to switch off their phones immediately and refrain from using them. It is also now possible in many countries to return the phone for a credit.

Customer Safety Comes First


A company statement said that they are “putting consumer safety as top priority” by stopping the production of this phone completely as of now and from now on.

Of course, the Samsung phone has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently due to a number of cases in which models have exploded. Things went from bad to worse after the phone recall when the replacement phones sent out met the same explosive fate as the originals.

Back in September the electronics firm replaced over 2 and a half million of the handsets but this wasn’t enough to stop the problem from continuing. Samsung has also begun to offer credit to those customers who hand in a dodgy Note 7 for replacement with another model from the company.

The firm’s shares also took a hammering at the height of the crisis, although it now seems as though the worst is over in that respect.

Do you think that Samsung have done the right thing by stopping production of the Note 7, or has it all been blown out of proportion?


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