The Simpsons Opening Credits Apologize to Kristen Schaal

Posted on May 17 2011 - 2:18pm by Richard Sharp

The Simpsons is one of the longest running television shows and is universally popular across the globe, despite the monumental efforts put into creating each show the producers and script writers can sometimes get things wrong, they’re only human after all.

A spelling mistake of guest star Kristen Schaal’s name prompted the stars fans to turn to Twitter to inform her last week, at the time she simply acknowledged and seemingly forgave the show. A week later an unexpected apology appeared in the main credits of the next Simpsons episode and it was left to Bart to deliver the line(s).

The standard scene of Bart writing lines in detention read “IT’S KRISTEN SCHAAL, NOT KRISTEN SCHALL”. A tongue in cheek way of publically apologising to the Bob’s Burgers star, a animated series which is also shown on the fox network. After the show had aired a new message was posted by Schaal, she said “Wow! Simpsons, thank you for the chalkboard correction. I can’t stop smiling. No one’s ever been that nice.” Classy, “Simpsons”!

Obviously the show aired in the US yesterday so it will be sometime before we see it on UK screens.

Via: Yahoo


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