The Smart Cup Knows What Your Favourite Brand of Cola Is

Posted on Jun 20 2014 - 11:13am by Robert

When you drink from a cup you tend to know what’s in it, right? Sure, you might be a fan of having the odd mystery drink but living dangerously like this is something you can only do so often.

Instead, it makes sense to generally consume beverages that you know the name of. However, what about the cup? Does it know what you are drinking?

Typically, your cup will be no more aware of the liquid inside than your fork is aware of the food you munch from it. Ah, but that’s because it’s not a smart cup.

The Vessyl smart cup has been produced by San Francisco firm Mark One. It works out what is inside it by analysing the chemical makeup of the liquid. It can then tell you how many calories are in it, how much it will hydrate you and when you should drink some more.

Doesn’t Work with Alcohol


As well as sounding like a good idea for people who want to cut down on the calories they consume, this also sounds like the kind of product that can be of use to any hardcore coffee drinkers who are a bit worried about the amount of caffeine in their daily diet. It can’t tell the difference between different types of alcohol but it can tell you if you are drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi.

There is also a smartphone app that can be used with it.

The release of the smart cup is planned for early on in 201. The price tag in the US is $99, which makes us think that in the UK it will cost about £59.

Do you think that this is a useful gadget?


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