The Solar Powered Tie

Posted on Aug 25 2008 - 3:31am by Richard Sharp

Solar Powered TieWhen I read the term “solar powered tie” I have glorious images of an automated tie that harvests the power of the sun in order to loop itself around and around in an intricate and elaborate attempt to perform the perfect bow but then perhaps that says a lot more about me than it does the actual solar powered tie.

Despite the name being something of a misnomer (which is a good thing – would you trust anything that might go wrong to tie something around your neck?) the concept is pretty good and while the design, which reminds me of the neck of a guitar complete with frets and everything, may not be to everybody’s taste it’s certainly unique and like may of the gadgets we seem to be featuring at the moment it takes being green to the extreme (there’s an advertising slogan that somebody that should use).

While it doesn’t tie your tie it does harvest the power of the sun’s rays and by slotting your mobile phone into the pouch at the back of the tie you can charge your phone while going about your daily business – although, obviously, your daily business should be conducted in high natural sunlight to get the best results possible.

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