The Sonim XP1 Mobile Phone Is Very Rugged

Posted on Feb 10 2008 - 4:38pm by Richard Sharp


The guys over at Sonim insist that they have built a phone that can withstand the riggours of the hardest environments and they have been putting it to the test with various activities that are currently being shown on you tube.

The phone is water proof, dust proof, shock proof and can withstand extremes of temperature. Some of the tests that have taken place so far include running over the phone with a 4×4, blowing up the phone with a firework and throwing the phone from a great height. All of which have been useless in stopping the phone from functioning.

So if you are after a phone that will take the strain of your daily tasks this may be the one for you.

View one of the videos here

Watch the phone being run over, thrown, dropped and shot with a variety of guns here.

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