The Sony Ebook Reader

Posted on Sep 5 2008 - 2:02am by Richard Sharp

Sony Ebook ReaderThe Sony eBook Reader is one gadget that we’ve actually been waiting some time for because it combines innovation with literature and good looks – sweet. The future of reading and literature, according to Sony, lies in the digital age and the Sony eBook Reader uses e-ink technology to bypass the many differences and problems that are associated with reading from a monitor or display rather than straight from paper.

While you still don’t get the smell of a book or the same kind of tactile feel, there is no disputing that benefits exist. For a start off you can order your books online (when the content partner website is finally up and running) and it comes with 100 novels already installed. Unfortunately, of course, these are novels that are in the public domain and therefore free of copyright restrictions because they’re so old.

Another negative aspect to an otherwise great product is that the digital versions of your favourite literature are oddly going to cost the same as a paper version of it. We obviously have no problem with the author receiving their share of the revenues but we deeply suspect that it won’t be the wordsmiths of the world that benefit from that odd pricing plan.

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