The Super Awesome Full Sized Lego Car

Posted on Dec 28 2013 - 5:25pm by Robert

If you are going to start something called the Super Awesome Micro Project then it better be pretty blooming good, hadn’t it?

The man who gave himself the tough task of running a project that would live up to this name is Steve Sammartino. This entrepreneur from Melbourne did what any sane person would do given half the chance; he built an amazing Lego car.

His business partner in this project was a 20 year old from Romania called Raul Oaida. The money to build this piece of Lego automotive madness was raised by Sammartino when 40 Aussies responded to his tweet by putting down cash.

Half a Million Bricks and 4 Engines

legoThe car was built using more than half a million pieces of the famous plastic bricks. Excitingly, it can travel at 12 mph when carrying a couple of passengers. Even the 4 engines and 256 pistons are made out of Lego, with compressed air being the driving force for the plastic vehicle. In fact, everything but the wheels is said to be made of the blocks, which is impressive when you think about it.

Surprisingly, the man behind this cool Lego car said that he isn’t a Lego freak, nor is he a huge car enthusiast. Instead, what he wanted to do was show the world that using crowd funding and talented young people can give amazing results.

Sammartino said that the adventure began when he started speaking to Oaida on the internet. He then sent out a tweet asking for around 20 people to put down between $500 and $1000. 40 people stepped forward and 18 months later the car was completed.

What is the best thing you have made of Lego?

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