The Super I Sobot

Posted on Jul 28 2008 - 9:25pm by Richard Sharp

I SobotThe Japanese are streets ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to creating miniature robots for the sake of pleasure (you can try to claim they’re educational but we all know the truth) and the iSobot is one of the latest and probably greatest miniature powered humanoid form robots to grace these shores. At a little under £200 from IWOOT, it also represents one of the more affordable options especially considering the range of functions and commands it offers.

Equipped with 19 IICs (Integrated Circuit Chips), 17 servo motors, and 2 LEDs it is one highly developed little piece of kit, and it really is quite little standing marginally more than 16cm tall.

All that electronic goodness enables the I Sobot to perform a huge range of activities. Not only will it learn and respond to voice commands but it will perform basic human movements, mimic martial art fighting moves, and even exercise on your behalf.

It also offers a Radio Control unit with LCD monitor that enables the user full and surprisingly simple control over the unit. He has 200 movements pre programmed as well as over 300 words and phrases to really impress you with.

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