The TARDIS Exists and It Is On YouTube

Posted on Dec 24 2012 - 7:50pm by Robert

If we are being honest then what the world really needs for 2013 is a real life TARDIS which is bigger inside than outside.

The name of Dr Who’s favourite mode of transport stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space and a keen fan has decided to build one for himself.

The chap in question is called Greg Kumparak and the US based designer decided that his Thanksgiving break was the perfect time to see if he could bring the TARDIS to life.

So how did he make the inside bigger than the outside? Well, he used augmented reality, of course.

From Zebra Stripes to the Real Thing

tardisThe inside of Greg’s TARDIS is kitted out in a tasteful zebra stripe pattern but it all changes when you hold a smartphone in front of it. Provided that you have the right augmented reality app running on the phone then you will see a spacious view of what looks very much like the good Doctor’s last couple of versions of the famous time machine.

The outside of the box is made of wood and painted blue, while there is, of course, a light on top of it. His first step to getting the inside looking bigger than it really is was by creating a 3D model of the interior on his computer.

He then used a graphics rendering engine which allowed him to get a phone to interact with the model.

The real life TARDIS has been a hit on YouTube and it seems that the designer has made more than a few people’s dreams come true with his cunning invention.

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