The Touchscreen Tap

Posted on May 19 2009 - 3:25pm by Richard Sharp

The Touchscreen TapJust when you thought that basically every household item that could be geeked up had been geeked up, they had to go and give the tech treatment to the common household tap didn’t they? I mean, seriously, is there really any reason to have a touch screen tap? No, we didn’t think so and yet, yes, we really do actually want one. The addition of facial recognition so that the water comes out at your ideal temperature just makes it even more appealing in our eyes. You can even access the Internet to check your email and manage your scheduler all from the comfort of your own… erm… bathroom.

The SmartFaucet (well of course it’s American, and for reference it’s from iHome should you want one) allows you to control the pressure of the water as well as the temperature and you can alter the personal settings so that whenever you use the tap it delivers water exactly how you want it. Hopefully, the facial recognition will still work when you’ve been out the night before, eyes are puffy, bags are bigger, and your hands are covering most of your face.

On the positive side, if you’ve got an especially compact bathroom it provides a really handy way of checking your emails and conducting business and stuff while you’re on the lav doing your other business. Oh, and it’s got a pretty little light that illuminates the water as it’s ejected (just in case you can’t find it without assistance presumably).

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