The Travelodge Made Of Shipping Containers

Posted on Aug 23 2008 - 12:39am by Richard Sharp

The Travelodge That P&O BuiltTravelodge is clearly vying for the extreme recycling award 2008 by knocking up a 120 bedroom hotel made almost entirely out of shipping containers. Not only is that one of the most ingenious pieces of commercial architecture you’re ever likely to see but it’s estimated that the process knocked ten weeks off the total build time along with a cash saving of more than half a million pounds. The finish also helps ensure that you wouldn’t know to look at it.

The process has obvious environmental benefits and presumably they got permission before thieving eighty six containers of varying sizes from a dock somewhere (imagine the surprise when everybody arrives at work on Monday).

Exterior and interior finishes help mask the rather industrial and rusty look that containers normally have and you genuinely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference either from the outside or while you’re asleep (obviously you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference while asleep but you get the point).

It’s not a one off venture for Travelodge either and now they’ve proven the efficacy of using prefabricated containers they’re planning a bigger and better version in Heathrow and expect to save more than 10 million a year using this new method of building.

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