The Ugly Green Tweaked 360 Controller Just For Us

Posted on Aug 21 2008 - 5:01am by Richard Sharp

new 360 ControllerHow often do we in the UK, and to a lesser extent the rest of the Europe, get stitched over in favour of our North American counterparts? Console price reductions, game releases, special offers, and preorder bonuses are usually things that just don’t happen to us but occur in abundance in the USA and Asian markets. Well, the new and hideous green updated Xbox 360 controller is breaking the mould.

European markets will be the first and possibly only markets to be “fortunate” enough to get their mits on the green controller. Unfortunately it really does look ludicrous and doesn’t really offer anything except for a few minor changes to the way the D pad works. If you ever use the D Pad and find that it isn’t as effective or responsive as you’d like then you may need to suffer the indignity of owning a hideous green controller.

Very little else is known about either the controller or the release details. It may be that it will be released to the USA and other markets at a later date or maybe the green isn’t believed to be a popular colour in America.

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