The UK’s Cheapest Tablet Up for Sale at £30

Posted on Dec 17 2013 - 9:20pm by Thomas Sharp

The cheapest tablet yet has gone on sale across the UK but will it be a success?

The UniSlate 7Ci is the British version of the tablet which was designed in India and sold there as the Aakash 2. It has been made by the UK firm Datawind and is now up for grabs at a mere £30.

Across in India, this budget tablet has been largely used by students, with its goal being to boost education by allowing more people to access the internet cheaply.

What It Offers

uni The 7 inch UniSlate 7Ci may be cheap but is it cheerful? It offers Wi-Fi connectivity, 512MB of RAM, 4B storage space and a microUSB connection. In terms of battery life, you can expect it to give you three hours of action.

This isn’t the first cut price tablet to be launched in the UK market but potential buyers have been advised by industry experts that the experience it offers isn’t as rich as that given by a more expensive device.

The Aakash first went on sale in India a couple of years but it wasn’t until an improved second version went on sale that it started to become popular. The enhanced Aakash 2 also benefitted from a partnership scheme with the government in India and went on to become one the top sellers in the country’s tablet market. Until recently the company making them was outselling both Apple and Samsung in India.

Other budget tablet options in the UK include the Tesco Hudl at £120, the Aldi Medion Lifetab at £80 and the Argos MyTablet at £100.

Would you buy such a cheap tablet, or would you prefer to pay a bit more?

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