The Ultimate Bang & Olufsen Beoliving Home Theatre System

Posted on May 12 2008 - 2:53am by Richard Sharp

Bang and Olufsen Beoliving - Reassuringly ExpensiveBang & Olufsen has long been a name synonymous with high end goods with equally high end price tags. The equipment is virtually unsurpassed but you do need a large bank balance in order to be able to afford even the cheaper end of the remote control spectrum. But, hey, we can dream – and, in this particular dream, we live in a house that has the most exquisite home theatre system.

Beoliving systems don’t have to stop at the TV and DVD player either. For a little extra you can also have them integrated fully and seamlessly into your automated home system. This means that with a single click of your reassuringly expensive remote control you can dim the lights, close the curtains, turn the kettle on, start playing a DVD, and have the volume adjusted to just the perfect setting.

Add to that, the fact that B&O still produces some of the finest sounding speakers and greatest looking visual equipment on the market, and you’ve got a recluse’s dream. If you are interested, then pop along to the Beoliving website and you can arrange for a group of technicians to come and assess your house – presumably they check whether it looks high quality enough to house the equipment before you buy anything.

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  1. Johan October 26, 2010 at 9:59 am - Reply

    I am about to buy a B&O home theater system (second hand) and i was looking for a review, but this article sold me ! I will grab that home theater system today. CHeers !


    Johansen from Home Theater Seating

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