The Umbrella App That Helps You Make Friends

Posted on Sep 15 2014 - 3:07pm by Robert

Have you ever considered whether you could use your umbrella a way of meeting new friends? No, you probably haven’t.

Sheltering from the rain under a brolly is typically a solitary pursuit but a Honk Kong startup idea could be about to change all that.

Umbrella Here is one of these ideas that are so simple that it might just be brilliant. Basically, it involves a light that you stick on top of your umbrella. The idea is that, just like a taxi, when the light is on you are willing to take passengers with you.

Stay in Touch After the Rain


That’s the first part of Umbrella Here but there is more. It also comes with an app that will help you stay in touch with the people with whom you’ve shared your brolly time. To use it you just need to note the time and place where you sheltered from the rain together and choose to add them as a friend.

You can also use the app to see how many people you have saved from a soaking since you started using it. You also get sent a reminder so that you don’t leave your all important umbrella behind when you are eating or drinking outside.

It even works when you are home. It flashes red or blue to let you know if it’s hot or cold and it starts to blink when it is raining, so that you don’t leave it behind.

This is a crowdfunding project from a group of young Hong Kong entrepreneurs and it will be interesting to see whether it gathers enough support to become a reality.

Could you imagine using this umbrella light and app?

image courtesy of kickstarter

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