The USB Ashtray Predicts When You’ll Die

Posted on May 17 2009 - 1:06pm by Richard Sharp

USB AshtrayYou can buy USB gadgets to perform any number of useful and entirely useless functions. Some are designed merely to look good sat on your desktop while others actually have a genuine purpose. The USB ashtray kind of falls under the category of serving a genuine purpose while serving a purpose that probably doesn’t really work and scaring you half to death. Yes, it’s an ash tray and yes it’s supposed to cut down on the smell and vapour of nicotine that’s hanging around in the air but it also monitors your smoking habit and will predict roughly when you’re going to die from lung cancer.

Is it accurate? We don’t know because nobody’s around to ask unfortunately, but the egg shaped USB ashtray is definitely a unique USB gadget that serves more purpose than the average USB George Foreman grill or the USB Noodle Strainer; although we do question why it’s egg shaped but perhaps we’re missing a glaringly obvious link here. The USB ashtray isn’t going to be much use at work or in any Internet cafes or WiFi hotspots, of course, but it could be useful at home should you wish to reduce the amount of smoke and the smell of nicotine.

As far as USB gadgets go, the ashtray is actually a pretty useful one. The powered fan essentially sucks the smoke through a deodoriser although it does have to be plugged in to the PC to work because it doesn’t run off separate batteries which is a bit of a shame but then we are talking about a USB ashtray so it does kinda make sense.

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