The Virgin Media v6 Ultra HD TiVo Box Unveiled

Posted on Aug 30 2016 - 8:56pm by Robert

Dedicated TV fans will be happy to see that the brand new Virgin Media 4k box has finally been unveiled.

The current version of the TiVo box has been around for the last 5 years or so, with the new model expected to be out sometime soon. It certainly looks a less chunky and far more modern than the older model, to be fair.

It is the service offered by the Virgin v6 that is likely to make this box something that many people switch to. Of course, the Sky Ultra HD service has already been available for about a year and this is likely to be one of the main competitors to the Virgin service.

New Photo Released


The latest update from Virgin came in the form of a photo they released of the new box. They also confirmed that it is again powered by Tivo and that it will be 4K UHD ready for YouTube and Netflix.

Earlier this year Virgin Media CEO Tom Mockridge said that the new box will be called the EOS box and that it has a “terrific looking” interface. He also called it the “perfect migration path” for them to become UK leaders in home video-based entertainment.

It is expected that the Virgin box will have more tuners than the current model. Analysts also believe that it will offer the facility to pause live TV and switch over to viewing it on a tablet or smartphone.

Do you like the like of this Virgin box or do you already have a TV service that you prefer.

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