The Zendulum Makes Work Less Boring

Posted on Jun 4 2013 - 10:03am by Paul

Work can be a drag at times, can’t it? That minute hand just never seems to move at all some days. Of course, gadget makers are well aware of the fact that most workplaces operate in a parallel universe in which the theory of time goes all pear-shaped.

For years people have been click clacking away the hours with the help of a Newton’s Cradle. This devices are classic office toys and only an extremely harsh and unjust boss could object to you whiling away hours using one of these things instead of working. After all, it stops you getting stressed.

It Goes Back and Forward Forever

zendulumHowever, this is the 21st century and Newton’s Cradle needs to be updated to get with the times. The good news is that the new solar powered Solarbotics Zendulum could be your all singing and all dancing way of getting paid for playing from now on. Basically, a metal ball rolls back and forth. From one end to the other. And back again. Forever.

It isn’t genuine perpetual motion though, as it is solar powered. However, it moves back and forward in a hypnotic way, just like Newton’s Cradle, but it works using magnets. First of all though, you need to put the thing together. Don’t too upset about it, though, as this is a big part of the fun of the package.

If you can’t get enough sunlight to reach it then you can plug it into a USB port to keep it working away all day long. The whole thing costs $27, which is about £18.

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