There Really Is An iPhone App For Everything – Even Finding The Best Recycled Loo Paper

Posted on May 11 2009 - 11:21pm by Richard Sharp

Not All Tissue Paper Was Created EqualWe’ve all seen the TV ads, claiming that there’s an iPhone app for every occasion and every conceivable need. Well, Greenpace could be leading the way in providing apps even for the most inconceivable need too. Greenpace may have been known in the past for bemoaning the materials used in the manufacturing of the iPhone but it seems they’ve bitten the bullet and released their very own iPhone application to help consumers choose the greenest toilet paper – that’s in terms of eco friendliness, not colour, obviously.

The app is based on the Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide, which is a convenient pocket sized guide created by Greenpeace for any consumer that so desires it. Now, thanks to the free Greenpace iPhone app you don’t even need to carry the guide separately.

The tissue guide and, consequently, the app are currently US based versions (Damn the US; they get all the best stuff first don’t they?) but I’m sure that if it proves popular then there’ll be a UK version along too. The application is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones, and can be viewed by mobile WAP pages so you can connect and do your bit whilst doing your business with any mobile phone.

There are more than likely some crazier apps on the market and we all know that despite being among the most bizarre will still get some download numbers. Next up? We’re not sure and, to be honest, we kind of struggled to think of anything that might top the toilet tissue guide.

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