This Week In Gadgets – The French Are Foul Mouthed Whingers

Posted on Sep 6 2010 - 12:02pm by Matt Jackson

There’s been a whole host of IFA news this week as you would imagine and Europe’s largest tech and gadget exhibition hasn’t failed to disappoint. As predicted and expected a lot of attention was paid to 3D TV and 3D gaming because that’s pretty much where we’re all at in terms of what we want next.

LG was the busiest 3D bunny on show. In an exclusive announcement they said that they would be extending their 3D agreement with Sky 3D to provide more 3D goodies. They also unveiled nano technology that will mean considerably smaller TVs with much better quality and showed off a 31″ OLED TV. Sony also launched its 3D Home Projector and Samsung gave away more details on its iPad competing Galaxy Tab.

Away fropm IFA, Mafia 2 took the top spot in the gaming charts although we stand by the fact that the game is far too linear and short even if it does look incredible and bear the name Mafia in the title. Angry Birds is still top of the app charts making it probably the most popular game in the world. We took a look at Kinectimals, one of the potentially dire releases for the Kinect, and we reported on XBox Live subscription costs increasing along with the release of an audio upgrade and Avatar 2.0.

In green eco-news the Sony Ericsson Elm was listed as O2’s most environmentally friendly phone but the list didn’t include the iPhone or Blackberry smartphones (although neither was likely to come anywhere near the top). If buying an eco-friendly phone isn’t enough then you could wear a dress made from expired condoms (not recycled in the usual sense, thankfully) and underpants made from bananas.

And, finally, review site Reevoo gave us details of unpublishable complaints they’ve had in the past few years. The French, apparently, are the most likely to swear about the stuff they buy with the Russians the least likely and us Brits being the 2nd least likely.

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