This Week In Gadgets

Posted on Aug 8 2010 - 12:14pm by Matt Jackson

The AA has dubbed iPod listening pedestrians as iPod zombies and has even gone so far as claiming that they could be the reason for pedestrian related accidents increasing by 5% over the last year. Things could be about to get worse with iPhone zombies too, as the incredibly popular US game MyTown which is like a real world Monopoly game is launched in the UK. Leicester council has basically given the iPad its seal of approval by saying that although they need to be making 1,000 people redundant they will be spending £40,000 on iPads for everybody that’s left. has inctroduced a new Remix feature that will mean better sounding and more modern advertisements for consumers. Spotify has said that it is still well on course for release in the US later this year and Amazon launches its Kindle ebook store in the UK.

Google has all but pulled the plug on Google Wave because it only managed to attract about 7 users but, on a positive note for the Internet giant, it was pretty much cleared of any wrongdoing over stealing user information over Wifi  connections. Twitter reached its 20 billionth Tweet and made a star of a Japanese user and Facebook looks likely to float on the stock exchange in 2012.

TomTom sat nav users have been given the opportunity to use a Yoda voice to help guide them home and a Facebook campaign gathered enough steam, collecting more than 25,000 users and leading the company to approach Brian Blessed to boom directions to users too.

In console news, we’re told that the Wii 2 will offer something very unique and surprising but we’re not allowed to know what and UK users will soon be able to enjoy a 320GB white PS3 Slim.

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