thumbsUp! announces the Chameleon Case for the iPhone

Posted on Apr 6 2012 - 5:24pm by Robert

We all live in a time where one of our biggest concerns is the safety of our gadgets. We shell out lots of money to buy and enjoy the latest gadget offering, only to be taken away by pickpockets, muggers and other bad guys. This is why a growing number of companies develop ways to make our belongings more secure.

Gadget and gift developer thumbsUp! has announced their newest creation, the Chameleon Case for the Apple iPhone 4.

Admit it, we fear losing out smartphones and all the apps, emails and pages stored in it. This is why the thumbsUp! team became determined to put a stop to this. After months of testing, the company comes up with an iPhone case that aims to put mobile insurance companies out of business.

The technology behind the Chameleon Case works using the same premise to an ambi-light, where the case’s change its colors according to the surroundings because of the ambi-light at the back of the case. This transforms every circular cell as it picks up hues of the nearby surroundings, creating a camouflaged effect.

What about if you forgot where you placed it? The Chameleon Case, thankfully, has a key ring with a finder button that when pressed, returns the case to its original color. Cool!

“We were sitting in the park when a shady looking character entered the perimeter. I was deep in conversation with my friend who was telling me about a recent trip to Anglesey, and my back was turned on both my iPhone and sandwich,” said thumbsUp Head of Product Development Sergio Anna. “When I turned around, my sandwich had disappeared – but lo and behold, the iPhone remained. I couldn’t quite believe it! Although I was hungry and sad to see the back of my BLT, at least I could still use my iPhone to search for the nearest eatery.”

The thumbsUp! Chameleon Case for iPhone 4 will be available this month for £24.99.

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