Title: Nintendo DSI launched to the waiting gaming fans

Posted on Apr 4 2009 - 8:59pm by Richard Sharp

Good news for anyone who has been waiting for the latest games console release, the handheld Nintendo DSi is now available and advance orders of the games console are stacking up. There is a whole wealth of new features packed into the much slimmer dimensions of the Nintendo DSi games console, including the dual built in cameras that allow for taking of pictures using any of the 11 different lenses, video chat function, an internal memory for storage of images as well as the additional benefits of being able to use an external SD memory card. There is the new Nintendo DSi games console sound functionality which allows for storage of AAC format music files which will provide playback of all your favourite music, and a microphone for editing and recording content, games console firmware updates. Another useful element is a much larger display screen and the ability to change Nintendo DSi games without the need to touch the power button.

It has to be said that at the recommended retail price of £149 (which is the same as the price of a wii) it remains to be seen if this new games console will be a success here in the UK. A further added restriction to purchasing the new Nintendo DSi games console is the lack of games specifically for the Nintendo DSi and if you are an owner of the older Gameboy Advance games console and are considering upgrading you will be disappointed to learn that your Advance games will not be compatible with the new Nintendo DSi. Should you wish to purchase the Nintendo DSi the games console comes in a classy matt black or a high gloss white – making the latest Nintendo DSi a statement piece as well as a brilliant game console.

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