TomTom launches Star Wars-themed sat nav update

Posted on May 6 2010 - 8:28am by simon

GPS sat nav manufacturer TomTom has released what some may regard as one of the most geek-friendly navigation voices of all time, getting the dulcet tones of legendary Star Wars villain Darth Vader into a new add-on voice navigation download.

TomTom launched the Darth Vader voice navigation pack on May the 4th, which has traditionally been designated as Star Wars Day by fans of the epic space saga and for the princely sum of £7.95 any TomTom owner can be ordered around by Darth Vader during a journey.

A promotional email was circulated last week, ostensibly from the Sith Lord himself, although the media kept quiet about the launch until the day actually arrived.

TomTom has commissioned novelty voice navigation packs in the past and it seems that the number is set to grow as Scottish comedian Billy Connolly and fictional cartoon father Homer Simpson are both confirmed for future releases.

The launch of other Star Wars navigation packs are planned for the next few months, when TomTom is set to bring mercenary Han Solo, robot C3PO and wise green sage Yoda to a sat nav near you.

It remains to be seen whether the novelty factor of these voice-overs is enough to keep you using them for extended periods, or having a quick giggle and then reverting back to the neutral, default voice files. However, the modest price is sure to attract quite a few TomTom owners over to the Dark Side for a dabble with Darth Vader and chums.

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