Top five digital cameras from Amateur to Pro

Posted on Feb 3 2012 - 2:24pm by Julius

Whether you are a professional photographer or a camera-wielding amateur, the chances are that you own a digital camera. Since their introduction, these handheld devices have become an essential possession for any individual, with the range available expanding with each passing year.

Photography is something which we are all familiar with, regardless of our personal abilities in the field. Taken from the Ancient Greek words ‘photos’ and ‘graphos’, meaning ‘light’ and ‘written’, a photographer is now a description which can be applied to any individual capable of operating a simple camera.

With so many cameras available, finding the one right for you is essential – but which are best?

1. The all-rounder

As a general rule, these cameras offer good levels of optical zoom (which is considered superior to digital zoom by almost all users) as well as a variety of functions and shooting modes. Variable flash settings and shutter speeds are a must and make these cameras just as effective in the hands of an amateur as in the hands of a professional.

The perfect example of this type of camera is the Panasonic FZ48. Boasting a 12.1 megapixel resolution alongside 24x optical zoom and Intelligent Resolution Technology, this camera can transform quick snaps into professional quality photographs and is even capable of full HD video recording.

2. The professional

Those with a more professional take on this popular hobby look for cameras like the Panasonic mentioned above, but with additional features. Usually the ability to change lenses is considered the best feature for those after a professional device and, once again, optical zoom is paramount.

A great example of this type of camera is the slightly larger Panasonic DMC-G3. Boasting an improved 16 megapixel resolution coupled with a 3 inch LED touch-screen display and full HD video recording, this Panasonic digital camera has a zoom range of 28-84mm through its 14-42 mm lens.

3. The amateur

For those after a simple camera capable of holiday snaps, the Samsung PL20 is ideal. Still featuring an impressive 14 megapixel resolution, this camera is easy to operate and has 5x optical zoom to help junior photographers focus their shots.

Fact detection and Perfect Portrait technologies are also incorporated and the memory is expandable via an SD card slot.

4. The vibrant

Nowadays, electronic devices such as digital cameras are just as much about style and fashion as they are about practicality. This means a wide variety of cameras are now available in bright and bold designs – offering customers a device which is both functional and vibrant.

Numerous manufacturers including Kodak, Panasonic, Samsung and Fujifilm offer bright versions of their popular compact cameras and the Fujifilm JX550 is even available in vibrant violet, whilst continuing to offer high specs.


5. The classic

Lastly, those after a classic camera can’t go wrong with the Sony Cybershot range. These cameras vary from the professional to the compact and offer great features and stylish designs.

The sleek and attractive shape makes these cameras the perfect possession for any individual and colour options are aplenty. Classic choices of black and silver are likely to remain popular with the majority of consumers, whilst bolder colours such as blue and pink feature alongside an elegant white colour that is embraced by the more daring buyer.

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