Trumstand is an iPhone speaker dock that does not use power

Posted on Dec 23 2011 - 9:49am by Robert

There have been a number of iPod and iPhone docks available in the market, and while many are innovative and have new and useful features, only some really stand out. Now, Japanese design company Pleiades designs have come up with a new iPhone dock called Trumstand that combines a speaker dock with a brass musical instrument.

The Trumstand is the world’s first iPhone dock that has a horn shaped speaker just like a trumpet. And yes, you’re right; it is made from real brass.

According to Pleiades designs, the Trumstand does not have any electronic parts to amplify the sound. Instead, it relies on the acoustics of the horn. What happens is, the sound that comes out of the iPhone’s speakers are transmitted to the dock’s base, which is made of a thick block of aluminum that weighs 4.3 kg to minimize vibrations. The sound then passes through the trumpet-like speaker, amplifying the sound via natural acoustics.

It looks very impressive and what’s amazing about it is you don’t have to use extra energy to power the speaker. It will also make your room have a classy feel to it as the device looks like an 1800s gramophone.

Pleiades design’s Trumstand Passive Speaker dock for iPhone is a very interesting concept, but it does not come cheap as the brass . The gold model is priced ¥150,800 ($2,000) and the silver model is priced ¥138,000 or $1,800.


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