Try on a Genetic Code Scarf

Posted on Dec 21 2015 - 3:35pm by Robert

If you are looking for a unique and intriguing Christmas gift this year then a brightly coloured scarf may not be at the top of your shopping list. After all, isn’t this one of the most boring and traditional presents ever?

Well, the latest offering from Dot One could be the ideal present for the nerd in your life who wants to keep warm while showing off. You see, it shows the wearer’s genetic code in all its technicolour glory.

Get Started with a DNA Sample

DNA_4image courtesy of Dot One

To get started you just need to send them off a cheek swab sample, taken using the DNA kit they send you. Admittedly, getting hold of this sample may make it slightly more difficult to keep the gift a secret. Alternatively, you could wrap up the DNA kit and get Santa to deliver it for the big day, although this might be one of the weirdest looking gifts of all time.

Once the sample is ready you then choose whether you want the genetic code represented on a lambswool DNA scarf or a poster for the wall. The scarf costs £310, while the poster is £139.

Of course, you probably already know that we all share 99.9% of our DNA with each other. You might even know that we share 96% of our DNA with chimps and 50% with bananas. Having said that, the apparently small differences that make us each unique (and not a piece of fruit) make for a satisfying design on a piece of winter neckwear.

Do you know someone who would love a gift like this?

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