Tweet Teases White Apple iPhone 4/5 Coming in Spring

Posted on Mar 18 2011 - 1:17pm by Richard Sharp

The latest news surrounding the White iPhone 4 is that it could launch late spring, Phillip Schiller Tweeted that a White iPhone would be released in spring and that it is a ‘beauty’. The question remains whether it will actually be an iPhone 4 or more logically an iPhone 5.

Fuel has been added to fire with recent discoveries in iTunes 10.2, developers and users have found various icons featuring a white iPhone which supports Schiller’s Tweet that it will be in the wild sooner rather than later.

Recent reports have claimed that the iPhone 5 will look identical to the iPhone 4 anyway, so would-be bargain hunters might not be put off by the fact that the white iPhone 4 could come out and be outdated by a new version within a couple of months – presumably it would be made more attractive by the cheaper (and sometimes longer) contracts networks start to offer just before a new iPhone is about to launch.

Other bloggers, such as BGR, has suggested that Apple may not even contemplate a release date for the iPhone 5 in 2011 – that’s almost unthinkable and could cause Apple to fall behind Android based competitors who are already rolling out handsets with features that the iPhone 4 does not include (granted the iPhone 4 does have a few things they don’t).

So at least we know a white iPhone of some sort will be released within the next couple of months, the question is will it be an iPhone 4 or 5?

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