Twitter and Facebook hit record number of visitors in July

Posted on Aug 23 2011 - 2:53pm by Robert

According to the data from market research company comScore, social media giants Twitter and Facebook posted record-breaking unique visitor numbers last month.

Facebook, co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, had 162 million unique hits in July, up from June’s 160.8 million and 157.2 million in May. This data proves that Facebook is not losing some of its members to other social media sites, including the newly launched Google+.

Twitter also posted record unique visitors last month, with 32.8 million hits, up from 30.6 million in June. TechCrunch reported that the site’s traffic is divided between its mobile app and a number of third-party clients.

In comScore’s ranking, Facebook came in at number four, while Twitter came in at number 34. The top three sites for July were Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. While Facebook and Twitter saw an increase in visitors to their sites, ticket sale sites saw the biggest increase last month.

“Ticket sites were popular in July as Americans looked to make the most out of their summer at concerts, sports and other events,” said Jeff Hackett, comScore Media Metrix’s executive vice president.

Social media outlet LinkedIn unfortunately did not join its peers in the positive gain market. The website had 32.5 million unique hits in July, a decrease from 33.9 million in June.

Google+, which was reported to be the Facebook and Twitter killer, wasn’t in the list given by comScore. It is likely included in Google Sites, which was visited by 182.2 million unique visitors. Earlier this month, comScore reported that Google’s social networking service had 25 million unique visitors through July 24, making the site the fastest to reach such numbers.


via: TechCrunch


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