Twitter App updated with Apple iPad 2 Video Function

Posted on Mar 25 2011 - 1:24pm by Richard Sharp

A couple of weeks ago Twitter rolled out a huge update for their native iOS app adding Twitpic, a new interface with trends, URL shortening on the fly and re-jigged toolbar. Today they have rolled out a smaller yet interesting update that will allow lucky iPad 2 owners to capture/upload photographs and video via the tablets built-in cameras.

Users can use either the front or rear facing cameras to take photos or indeed select them from their existing library and submit them to their tweet stream. As the app is free users can simply install it via the app store link on their iOS device.

We expect those lucky enough to pick up an iPad today during the global rollout will be uploading all sorts of celebratory pictures onto social networking sites and this is possibly the first time that the Native Twitter app is a strong contender for doing just that.

Do you use the native Twitter app for your iPad2 or iOS device? Or do you use a third party app instead?

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