Twitter as influential as X Factor judges in getting votes

Posted on Dec 14 2011 - 4:19am by Julius

A new study shows that micro blogging site Twitter is as influential as the judges of X Factor when it comes to how the audience vote on the show.

According to a study conducted by media agency Carat, Twitter is more than 42 percent more influential than other news sources in the behavior of deciding voters. The study, which had 13,000 total respondents, is believed to be the first research conducted on social media’s influence on audience’s voting behavior.

The research also shows that the trust of viewers is shifting to non-traditional media, such as Facebook and Twitter. It reveals that 66 percent of viewers believe what they read about Strictly Come Dancing and X Factor on Twitter.

The study also revealed that 14 percent of X Factor viewers said that they watch the show while using Twitter, while 51 percent of them watch it while using Facebook. It also revealed that 26 percent of viewers commented on advertisements on Facebook, while 7 percent have tweeted about an advertising campaign.

“Our personal connections have a significant impact on the decisions we make isn’t news, but the new wave of technology built around people means that word of mouth reverberates further than ever,” said Ben Ayers, head of Social Media at Carat. “Understanding digital connections between people and what motivates them to share their thoughts and activities is the holy grail for the latest wave of web companies as well as brands trying to thrive in this new ultra connected world.”

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