Twitter Super Injunction Users “Out” Celebs with Dark Secrets

Posted on May 10 2011 - 8:48pm by Robert

If you are a world famous celebrity and you are thinking about taking out a press gagging order – known as a privacy injunction or super injunction – then you might think twice about it after seeing the latest hullabaloo on Twitter.

Basically, if you take out one of these court rulings then the press are forbidden from even mentioning it, never mind writing or talking about the actual information or pictures you are so keen to suppress.

However, it seems that there is absolutely nothing to stop the information being posted on the internet. One Twitter user has just recently decided to try and pull together as many cases of legal injunctions as possible and name the stars who got them awarded.

It is widely believed that many of the people mentioned have been inaccurately linked to this type of gagging order but the new account with the juicy details soon picked up over 20,000 followers in under a day, as people eagerly rushed to rake over the details of affairs, scandals other secrets.

The story then get even more publicity when Jemima Khan came out and denied the story that she had got a super injunction imposed to block the publication of intimate pictures of her and Jeremy Clarkson. Another celeb mentioned is Gabby Logan and it looks at there is still more to come on this story.

If the difference between legal restraints for the press and internet comments is the reason for this coming to light do you think the press should be freer or the internet should be more controlled?

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