Two New Rugged Laptops – Ideal For The Particularly Clumsy

Posted on Jul 16 2010 - 10:22am by Matt Jackson

Getac has upgraded its military grade, and surprisingly lightweight. rugged laptop while Panasonic has unveiled their latest entry into a market that is designed either for the rugged worker that oeprates in especially difficult circumstances or for the oathish, heavy handed, clumsies among us that drop everything they get their greasy mits on.

The Getax V100 is seriously hardcore and just got even harder thanks to the latest update of the laptop. For a start, it’s a convertible laptop which means that you can swivel its monitor round to essentially create a tablet or you can use it as a standard laptop depending on the situation and your preference.

It also has a 10.4 inch multi touch screen and all this despite only weighing an impressively lightweight 2.3kg. The V100 packs a 1.2GHz Cire i7-640UM dual core processor and carries up to 8GB of internal memory. Hard drive sizes are available up to 320GB and are vibration and drop resistant. Both the keyboard and webcam are water resistant too so you can drop it, shake it, and pour your drinks over it and it should withstand the pressure.

Panasonic is also getting in on the act releasing the CF-C1 rugged laptop. This is also a convertible so should help you pick up women too. One of the more interesting features of the CF-C1 is that its touch screen will be effective by workers that are wearing gloves and it includes an ergonomic strap so users can type one handed should they so wish. It’s actually a lot lighter than the Getac weighing just 1.47kg and it’s more powerful thanks to a 2.4GHz Core processor. However, we question whether it will have the same military standard strength and resistance but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Do you use a rugged laptop?

Do you wish they were more affordable so you could get one for your kids?

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