Ubisoft Predicts Every Home Will Have One By 2013 But 12% Of Brits Can’t See 3DTV

Posted on Jul 13 2010 - 10:25am by Matt Jackson

Ubisoft has said that the level of demand for 3D gaming is such that it predicts every home will have 3DTV installed by the year 2013. However, research has shown if this is the case then a reasonable amount of them will be largely unused as 12% of all Brits are unable to see 3DTV in all its glory.

What’s more, according to a report in the Telegraph, Samsung announced a couple of months ago that its 3D TV sets (and 3D TV in general) could be harmful to those suffering from epilepsy as well as pregnant women, the elderly, and children. In fact, those deprived of sleep and those that have been drinking are also advised to stay away while the list of possible side effects for even the average viewer includes dizziness, altered vision, nausea, convulsion, and cramps.

The positive news is that as long as you’re between the ages of 18 and 40 and have a signed letter from your doctor you should be enjoying a much greater range of 3D entertainment (assuming you’re not one of the 6 million people that can’t actually enjoy 3D, of course).

3D technology means that images are constantly bombarded at the viewer’s eyes and according to The Eyecare Trust our brains struggle to comprehend what is being thrown at them due to poor binocular vision.

If you are one of the lucky 8 or 9 people in the country that will be able to watch 3D then you might be interested to learn that not only is there an incredible range of Samsung TVs and TVs from other manufacturers designed for the very purpose but the PS3 has had a firmware update which means it is capable of playing 3D games and Nintendo has recently announced the launch of a 3D mobile gaming device by the end of the year that will not require users to wear those “special” glasses.

How’s your binocular vision?

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