Udraw and Udraw Studio Brings Art to the Nintendo Wii

Posted on Mar 18 2011 - 6:09pm by Thomas Sharp

Like Etch-a-Sketch but fancy something more modern? or perhaps see yourself or your offspring as a budding graphic designer and want to hone your skills in a fun way? You might want to take a look at a new game for the Nintendo Wii.

Udraw allows you to discover your inner artist by utilizing the included tablet to create pieces of art right on your TV screen.

The Tablet

The drawing tablet encapsulates a Wiimote (not included) on the left hand side which allows the tablet to communicate with the Wii, you also use the standard buttons on the Wii controller to select different drawing tools. The tablet and game are made by THQ to the same high and rugged standards of Nintendo, it’s the same bright white too with subtle hints of blue akin to the standard Nintendo Wii branding. The attached pen/stylus is chunky allowing users to select weight rather than rely on actual pressure, although this might be annoying to a well trained artist it makes it family friendly much like the games it is designed to work with.

The Games

The tablet is bundled with the Udraw studio which provides a range of tools for creating pictures, paintings and drawings. You can select from an array of materials and mediums including pencil, charcoal, paint, stamps, stencils and crayons.

Other games include Dood’s Big Adventure and Pictionary. We’d expect to see other titles roll out in the future – the Udraw tablet would be perfect for games such as Art Academy which has been hugely popular on the Nintendo DS.THQ have revealed that they will support and develop games until at least 2013 so there is definitely more in the pipeline, perhaps even a crossover to the Wii 2.

Have you used Udraw yet?

Udraw Studio and Tablet is available from Amazon and Game . Either offer free delivery.



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