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Posted on May 27 2010 - 6:42pm by Richard Sharp

Although the apple iPad is set to launch on the 28th May ours has arrived a day early which is great as we can write a quick first thoughts using it.

The first thing you notice when you open the box is the design which is typically stunning. Imagine a giant iPhone touch and you are almost there. The iPad is awesome to look at but after an hour of use would definitely benefit from a screen protector because the touch screen gets covered in finger prints!

When you switch the iPad on you are asked to plug it into a computer to sync with iTunes. This is not an option as the iPad will not work without this step (don’t worry if you don’t have a computer as the guys at the apple store will register and walk you through the features if you ask them nicely). Once the iPad has synced we quickly set up our wireless broadband with ease to try out the mobile safari on big screen.

Web browsing on the iPad is a joy with full access to most sites readily available. Apple have not included flash but we have yet to find a regular site that relies on flash so browsing is not compromised.

The iPad manages applications and tasks with ease and operates using the same principle as the iPhone as you can only have one app open at once. This is not a massive problem but one that will be addressed with the updated 4g software due to launch next month. This update should make the iPad a true multi tasker.

When you are using the iPad you can’t help admiring the amazing screen which is crystal clear. Text shows up well, photographs are vibrant and video is shown in glorious HD (where available). Sound is also pretty good through the built in speakers with the option on using your own headphones.

After the iPad had been up and running a while our thoughts quickly turned to apps. There are a fair few available already and the iPad specific ones look great. It’s a shame that there are not more but we are sure they will come.

So there are some of our quick thoughts on the iPad. We will write a few more in depth reviews over the coming week too. Please let us know your thoughts on he iPad especially if you are a lucky buyer on friday 28th may.

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