UK-made coffee-powered car beats the world record

Posted on Sep 28 2011 - 1:45pm by Robert

We all know that drinking coffee gives us that extra boost we need to get through what we do. Apparently, it does not only work for humans as it also work on cars. There is an actual car that runs on coffee and it recently broke the speed record, making its way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

A group of engineers from the United Kingdom has set a new land speed record for a vehicle powered by gasification. The car, which is powered by coffee beans, is called the Coffee Car. It was created by the Teesdale Conservation Volunteers of Durham, England.

The previous world record, which was held by Americans called the “Beaver Energy,” was 47 mph. Beaver Energy is fueled by wooden pellets. Now, The Coffee car beat that record, making the car run as fast as 66.5 mph.

Gasification is done by introducing an amount of oxygen to any organic, carbon-based material (in this case, coffee beans), and by increasing its temperature to above 700 degrees Celsius, syngas (synthetic gas) is produced. Sythetic gas consists of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen, and can be burned using an internal combustion engine.

The Coffee Car shows that green energy can be used to power vehicles, and it aims to show people that a car’s performance using renewable energy is impressive. The Coffee Car has an engine that looks like the one from the Delorean, which is not a bad thing. In BBC’s video, they did not mention if the exhaust fumes smelled like a cup of brewed coffee ;-).


via: The BBC

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