UK Man stabbed while queuing for GTA:4 Game

Posted on Apr 30 2008 - 10:37pm by Paul

GTA4 an ultra violent game in which you walk around the streets of liberty city committing murder to innocent pedestrians, have sexual intercourse with hookers and use an arsenal of destructive weapons to commit a one man genocide. The media have reported its the fastest selling game. (surprise, surprise)

Reports from the UK press about a stabbing of a man while waiting to buy the game. The man was stabbed a number of time in a queue of fans waiting to buy the game. witnesses thought they were seeing a promotional stunt for the launch when the blood-soaked victim staggered among them. Then realizing the attack was real after the police arrived.

It took place outside the Gamestation store in Croydon, South London, a witness said:

“The victim was covered from shoulder to belly in blood. Everyone thought it was a show to promote the game.”

Despite his stab injuries, the 23-year-old victim apparently went home to arm himself for revenge. Before policed arrived.
So lets look at GTA 4 by the numbers

  • £200 million sales in the first week (est).
  • 70 million sold of the previous games in the GTA series worldwide.
  • 500 orders per minute for the game at online UK retailers.
  • Woolworth’s are reporting 200 copies a minute flying of the shelves.
  • 1 UK man stabbed while queuing for the long awaited game. (
  • 3 US cops murdered allegedly in GTA inspired circumstances.(soure:daily mail)

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  1. John Tetley April 30, 2008 at 10:48 pm - Reply

    I remember the release of the first ever GTA back in secondary school. I loved it then, but for those who can remember GTA 1 and 2 you’ll remember u only had that awful birds eye view.

    Top game, shame about what happended in the queue.

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