Uno – The Motorised Unicycle… Sort Of

Posted on May 1 2008 - 5:14pm by Richard Sharp

UnoThe 2008 National Motorcycle Show threw up a bit of a blinder in terms of unique concepts and brilliant design. The Uno uses two side by side wheels and balances perfectly upright through the use of two gyroscopes. The 18 year old inventor, Ben J Poss Gulak boasts that the machine is so simple to operate that it only requires a single on/off switch.

In order to accelerate, the rider leans forward. The more you lean forward, the more the Uno accelerates. In a similar vein, leaning backwards causes the Uno to decelerate. The gyroscopes and the lay out of the twin wheels also mean that leaning to either side will cause the bike to steer in that direction.

It looks precarious but it went down a storm at the motor show. Ben answered all the questions that were inevitably thrown at him. He learned his trade from his Engineering grandfather and plans to create more one-off inventions. Quite where you go after creating a motorised unicycle I have no idea but for its uniqueness and engineering brilliance this is one incredible machine.

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