Updated Facebook App allows Unfriending and Event Check In

Posted on Apr 6 2011 - 7:14pm by Robert

Apple iPhone and iPod touch owners can now take advantage of two new features via the native Facebook app. Users who want to unfriend on the move or check into actual events via their iPhone can now do so, just two more reasons to get your fix on Facebook throughout the day.

So if someone cheeses you off you can ‘unfriend’ them via the app, before you would have either had to login via the web browser or wait until you could access the site via your computer, both of which kind of defeat the object of having an app in the first place.

The second big feature allows users to check into events that they have previously RSVP’d to. So if you have been invited to a local party, game or event you can check in once you get there. Before you could only check-in to venues.

Users will not have to update the app either as the bods at Facebook decided to stealth the updates onto the app.

Admittedly the ‘unfriend’ button is probably a little overdue although welcome. Users will probably be more impressed with the check into an event feature which brings even more four-square beating features to the iPhone. Android owners will have to wait a little longer as their app has not received the upgrade yet.

What do you make of the new features?

Source: Tech Crunch

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