Update your Gadget Easily With Digiskin

Posted on Apr 25 2009 - 9:33pm by Richard Sharp

digiskinThe latest craze appears to be to cover gadgets with a special designer cover called DIGISKIN. The DIGISKIN cover is suitable for any gadget from a mobile phone to a laptop; the cover acts a protective cover and will help eliminate any damage whilst at the same time looking exceptionally trendy. The DIGISKIN is likely to appeal more to the younger age group and is akin to the phone charm in its appeal for standing out amongst the crowd.

The DIGISKIN team profess to be able to make any image a cover for your phone, MP3 player or other gadget. If you don’t have a preferred image there are lots of distinctive and stylish designs that they can supply. It is possible to put any image from a copy of a £20 note, family photograph, favourite cartoon character or even should you wish your divorce papers!

The DIGISKIN cost about £25 for a mobile phone up to about £45+ for larger items like laptops. The DIGISKIN team use a special process that coats the gadget with a thin skin of foil measuring only 0.05mm thick, which decorates and protects the gadget underneath, whilst allowing it to be completely operable and more importantly removable. The unique skin application is so light and looks almost part of the gadget so you will find it difficult to tell that this is an addition and not part of the products original manufacture.

At the moment you can get a DIGISKIN cover put on your gadget at the Nokia store, Regent Street London, though it is hoped that very soon there will be DIGISKIN stations available in other locations. The DIGISKIN do carry out a postal service though it is clearly at your own risk should you wish to post your beloved iPhone, MP3 player or laptop.

A small criticism is that we hope that the DIGISKIN cover itself is a little better than the company website as unfortunately it doesn’t do the product justice at all.

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